What’s new at La Cascade du Chocolat? A new monthly bonbon series celebrating a single origin cacao and representative ingredients from that country to showcase its unique characteristics. Our first adventure? Onward to Ecuador!

Ecuador has been a long-time producer of cacao and was the world’s leader in production until the early 1900s. It also may have been the true origin of cacao as a consumed product! In a recent archaeological study, Archaeologist Francisco Valdez found ceramic pottery dating to 3,300 BC that contained microscopic remnants of cacao. This suggests that cocoa beans were being harvested and consumed over 5,000 years ago, specifically in this region!

Ecuadorean chocolate is known for its floral characteristics specifically. However, some beans taste more like fruits, while others have a nutty and roasted flavor. This is because like wine and coffee, cacao varies wildly in flavor depending on where it’s grown and how it is produced each step of the way.

This month’s bonbon and tasting square selection is especially unique in that every ingredient in the chocolate and inclusions are from Ecuador, including the cacao, the cacao juice, the milk, and sugars! It is truly an adventure into the heart of fine chocolate and cacao from Ecuador.