Spring Chocolate Collection

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The Spring Chocolate Collection consists of four bonbons and truffles with flavors which are reminiscent of the season:

The Lavender bonbon is filled with a lavender and dark chocolate ganache and cast in 35% white chocolate.

Ingredients:  Dark chocolate, local cream, local butter, lavender, white chocolate, glucose

The Earl Gray bonbon is filled with a 40% milk chocolate and Earl Gray tea ganache. Presented in a small 66% dark chocolate tea cup.

Ingredients: 40% milk chocolate (contains gluten), local cream, earl gray tea leaves, local butter, 66% dark chocolate, glucose.

The lemon cream bonbon is filled with a creamy, white chocolate lemon ganache.  Cast in a dark chocolate shell with a lemon yellow swirl. 

Ingredients: 35% white chocolate, local cream, local butter, lemon peel, lemon curd, dark chocolate, glucose.

The Raspberry Truffle is a fresh raspberry and dark chocolate ganache, hand-enrobed in 63% Peruvian dark chocolate and finished with a dusting of 100% cocoa powder. 

Ingredients: 66% dark chocolate, fresh raspberry puree, local cream, local butter, glucose