Bonbon and Truffle Flavors

You can find these bonbons and truffles in our chocolate shop in Exeter, NH, or we can ship them to you. To get a personalized box of chocolates delivered to your door, email us at and we will hand make a box for you.

Our Bonbon and Truffle Collection

AB & J
Organic almond butter and organic raspberry jam in an 85% African-blend dark chocolate shell.



PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte)

Freshly ground coffee steeped in heavy cream, combined with pumpkin pie spices and blended into a 40% milk chocolate and encased in a dark chocolate shell.

A Pirate's Breakfast

Bacon, maple, and dark rum blended into 68% dark chocolate ganache.


Local honey liquer made by Djinn Spirits in Nashua, NH, blended into a chocolate ganache and encased in a dark chocolate shell.

Single origin Madagascar dark chocolate blended with fresh ginger in a dark chocolate shell. 

Ma's Favorite
Blood orange and Grand Marnier and dark chocolate caramel.

Midnight Truffle
Hand-rolled ganache made from a 68% single origin dark chocolate Ghana and coated in 100% cocoa powder.


85% dark chocolate African blend with cayenne and smoked cane sugar.

Cinammon Bun
All flavor of your favorte cinnamon bun blended into white and milk chocolate.

Moroccan Spice
Ras al hanout, a Moroccan spice blend that includes nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and more, with slow roasted almonds and dried dates.


Raspberry and dark chocolate blended into a sumptuous ganache before being enrobed in smooth, dark chocolate.