Have you ever wanted to learn to make chocolate? Or want to taste new and interesting flavors? We have a class for you.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge, whether you're a chocolate fanatic, a home chef who is always learning, or a seasoned pro. We have classes for every level and every age - we've taught ages from 3 to 90, and everyone walks away smiling.

Our fall schedule is below. Email us at or call us at 603-777-5177 to reserve your spot!

Build Your Own Bar (Sept. 30 , 6pm-8pm) (Nov. 7, 10am-12pm)

What's more fun than tasting and playing with chocolate? Building your own limited edition bars! You’ll learn about flavors, taste chocolate, seed temper, & make three (dark, milk, & white) bars for you to name & take with you!
Minimum 3 people, 2.5 hours, $65pp

Tasting 101 (Sept. 16, 6pm-8pm) (Oct. 29, 5pm-7pm) (Nov. 11, 6pm-8pm)
Chocolate is a lot like wine and coffee - each chocolate’s taste depends on its origin, the chocolate maker, and more. You’ll explore the nuances of each chocolate we taste, and there will be many, and the more chocolate you taste, the more you’ll be able to taste!
Minimum 3 people, 2 hours, $30pp

Ganache & Truffle Making-Adult 14+ (Sept. 12, 10am-12pm) (Oct. 28, 6pm-8pm) (Nov. 5, 5pm-7pm) (Dec. 12, 10am-12pm)
Ganache is some of the greatest stuff on earth and can sometimes be the most challenging. You will learn to make ganache, scoop truffles,temper chocolate & finish them in both traditional and fun ways.You will also get to take truffles & ganache home to enjoy!
Minimum 3 people, 2 hours, $55pp

Kids Truffle Making (Sept. 10, 9am-11am) (Oct. 8, 9am-11am) (Dec. 10, 9am-11am)
Impress your friends and family with melt-in-your-mouth amazing truffles[. You'll go home with both an 8 piece box of truffles that you hand decorate yourself and more ganache for later. It's a win-win!
Minimum 3 people, 2 hours, $55pp

Drinking Your Chocolate (Sept. 23, 6pm-8pm) (Nov. 18, 6pm-8pm)
Did you know that originally all chocolate was just a drink? In this class we will relive history through chocolate. You will sample chocolate drinks from around the world and throughout history. Why wasn’t History class like this?
4 person minimum, 2 hours, $45pp

Paint Your Own Edible Art- Kids (Dec. 3, 9am-11am)
We'll have the forms ready, the colored chocolate "paint," brushes, and lots of ideas, you bring the creativity and the fun! Think of it as a paint by number, except it's all chocolate and you get to take home an edible work of art.
3 person minimum, 2 hours, $35pp, recommended for all ages, but 6+ would be best

Tempering 101-Adult (Sept. 19, 10am-1pm) (Oct. 24, 9am-12pm)
This is the fundamental class of working with real chocolate and the art of making it beautiful with a shiny, glossy finish and a loud snap-the chocolatier's goal. You will learn how to seed temper as well as table temper and take home both solid and hollow forms.