Tom Nash, Chocolatier

Thomas Nash, chocolatier
Tom Nash is a co-owner, chocolatier, and a native of Brooklyn, NY. He’s the chocolate hunter of the bunch, always tasting different chocolates from around the country and around the world, always searching for the best tasting chocolate to use in his confections, bonbons, and bars.

Tom started his chocolate journey as a kid. His favorite treats growing up included chocolate covered jelly rings, and he’d never turn down a giant chocolate sundae. As a young man, his tastes for finer chocolate grew and he began keeping a notebook of all of the wonderful chocolate tastes and experiences.

Tom has been studying the arts of bonbons and confections for years, creating truly unique and delicious combinations of flavors. His ganaches are often sold out before they are even made, if the word gets out, and yet, with all that, he still loves to dress as Willy Wonka for Halloween and go out with his beautiful wife and their youngest daughter, Sofie (who, by the way, also LOVES chocolate).