Choose Your Own Bonbon Adventure – 16 piece


Can’t make it into the store and know what you want in your bonbon box? Look no further!

We’re bringing the in-store experience of creating your own box online, letting you choose which bonbons are in stock. Simply choose which bonbons you want to add up to a total sixteen (16) and we’ll send it out to you. It’s that easy! You can find our full descriptions of new bonbons in our news section of the site and on our social media presence, including Facebook and Instagram.

GF = Gluten free V = Vegan

While our “Gluten Free” products do not use any ingredients that contain gluten, we are not a gluten-free facility and gluten is used in other products we make

Images on this page may not reflect the flavors or designs listed. Sizing will be similar.

And while we will update the selection daily as it changes to reflect the nature of our shop, there may very occasionally be a time when something does go out of stock. If that happens, we will let you know before shipping so you can choose a selection.

Dark chocolate ganache enrobed in dark chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder

passion fruit juice and coconut oil in 66% dark (V) (GF)

Cashew pomegranate gianduja in 55% double fermented dark chocolate

Madagascar vanilla bean white chocolate ganache in a 68% dark chocolate

Two chocolate discs made from 68% dark with toasted almond, diced mango, and candied ginger (V, GF)

Blood orange and Grand Marnier ganache in 64% dark chocolate

Almond gianduja with a hint of clove in 72% Venezuelan dark chocolate. (V)

68% dark chocolate and amaretto truffle

Strawberry and lemon ganache in a 70% Peruvian dark chocolate

Peanut, cashew, almond, and hazelnut gianduja in a blend of dark and milk chocolate


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