Origins Chocolate Bar


The Origins chocolate bar was conceived as a tasting experience that takes you through all that chocolate is – each element that goes into it, each individual flavor, and how they come together to make a fine dark chocolate. We hope you enjoy this remarkable journey of discovery.

The Origins chocolate bar follows the global journey of cacao from the fruit on the tree to the chocolate in your hand. It is meant to be enjoyed from the top down, beginning with:

  1. the pulp of the cacao pod (origin: Hawaiian cacao)
  2. a complete cacao bean (origin: Madagascar)
  3. cacao nibs (origin: Vietnam)
  4. cocoa butter (origin: Ghana)
  5. 68% chocolate is a blend of some of the best Central and South American chocolates, sourced from the region where all cacao originates

This unique tasting experience is crafted by hand in our Exeter chocolate house and comes in a wooden box, handmade in New Hampshire.


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Tom and Sam put this collection together for those who want to experience 5 different single origin dark chocolates. They chose them to be as different as you can find so that you can start to discover which origins you like best.

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