2022 Christmas Around the World BonBon Collection

Bonbons inspired by traditional Christmas desserts from around the world

Our 2022 Holiday Bonbon Box


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This year, we drew inspiration from some of our favorite Parisian chocolate shops – almost every one we know of creates a praline and nut bonbon box! the traditional Christmas desserts our friends and families across the globe share and turned those flavors and designs into this year’s bonbon collection. Each piece represents a traditional Christmas dessert from that country reimagined as a bonbon.

Note: designs are being finalized and are subject to becoming prettier. Flavors may also adjust slightly if we’re inspired by a better idea or ingredient availability changes.

8-piece box includes:

  • 1x hazelnut and blueberry nut cluster\\
  • 1x hazelnut praline
  • 1x maple pecan
  • 1x cashew caramel turtle
  • 1x peanut butter coffee gianduja
  • 1x marzipan
  • 1x pistachio and cherry
  • 1x macadamia nut and passionfruit

    16-piece box includes:

    • 2x hazelnut and blueberry nut cluster\\
    • 2x hazelnut praline
    • 2x maple pecan
    • 2x cashew caramel turtle
    • 2x peanut butter coffee gianduja
    • 2x marzipan
    • 2x pistachio and cherry
    • 2x macadamia nut and passionfruit

    24-piece box includes:

    • 3x hazelnut and blueberry nut cluster\\
    • 3x hazelnut praline
    • 3x maple pecan
    • 3x cashew caramel turtle
    • 3x peanut butter coffee gianduja
    • 3x marzipan
    • 3x pistachio and cherry
    • 3x macadamia nut and passionfruit